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Dear Boris

Transport for All

Transport for All have today launched a video...

Transport for All have today launched a video letter to Boris, urging him to help reinstate the manual boarding ramp (MBR) at Kilburn station.

The video, with our member Jeff Harvey, can be seen below alongside the text of the letter to the Mayor of London.

ITV London Tonight covered the story – see what they said here.

Dear Mayor JohnsonLondon’s wheelchair and scooter users have greatly benefited from the introduction of manual boarding ramps (MBRs) at 35 stations after the Games in 2012.The MBRs are necessary at these stations because there is a step or gap between the train and the platform, making it otherwise impossible to board the train.The ramps have generated significant positive feedback and enabled some passengers to use their local Tube station for the first time ever.Transport for All (TfA) and our members across London have campaigned vociferously on this issue – and we welcome the fact that you and Transport for London have listened and acted on our demands to roll out the ramps across the Tube network.We are now asking you to listen to us again.There are around a further 40 stations on the LU network where the gap between the train and platform could be bridged by a ramp.This would enable wheelchair users and scooter users to enter, exit and interchange at these stations.One of these stations is Kilburn on the Jubilee line. During the Olympics and in the months after, an MBR was provided at Willesden Green.Willesden Green is not a step free station but trains often terminate here, so a ramp enables wheelchair users to exit the train. Staff at Kilburn used the MBR from Willesden Green to provide step-free access for wheelchair users at Kilburn.Many wheelchair users like our TfA member, Jeffrey Harvey used the ramp regularly and safely.However, In May 2013 the ramp was withdrawn. The reason given for this by TfL was that a ramp would not be possible at Kilburn – which has a lift to the platform – because of the step down to the train from the platform.Both Kilburn and Willesden Green have a platform higher than the train. TfL have stated that this is because the safety of the ramp is as yet untested and that they expect to be developing prototype ramps for late 2013 and will be testing them in early 2014.This is too long to wait for people like Jeffrey, who needs the ramp to access the tube station.We therefore urge you to re-install the MBR at Kilburn station with immediate effect until the final ramp design is agreed upon.Furthermore, we would like to see the instalment of MBRs at all London Underground stations where a gap or step exists between train and platform.Jeffrey has made a video letter to you on why he wants the ramp to return to Kilburn station– please watch it and act on this important issue.

A man standing in front of a painted brick wall smiling at the camera. He is holding a cane and is wearing glasses, a black jacket and a grey t-shirt. A man standing in front of a painted brick wall smiling at the camera. He is holding a cane and is wearing glasses, a black jacket and a grey t-shirt.

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