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Here you will find all our news articles, press releases, blogs, consultation responses, research reports, podcasts, and anything else we publish! Use the tabs to filter by category to find what you're looking for. Any article published before 2020 is considered 'archived' and may be out of date.

News and media


A futuristic looking dashboard of a self-driving car on the road. The steering wheel has a holographic display that says
22nd May 2024

The Automated Vehicles Bill: a missed opportunity for accessibility

With the passage of a new bill on self-driving cars, the future of transport looks closer than ever. But does the law do enough to make sure disabled people can be a part of that future?

A headshot of Anahita, a woman with shoulder length brown hair and a red jumper. She is smiling into the camera. The background is purple with a paper texture, and blue arrow circling around the headshot.
18th Jan 2024

The art of activism: why creative practices are important for disabled campaigners

The artist, activist, and designer of some of Transport for All's most iconic protest placards - Anahita Harding - writes about using art to make change.

A white man using a mobility chair speaking into a microphone. He is wearing a suit jacket and a name badge.
19th Dec 2023

In loving memory of Alan Benson MBE

Everyone at Transport for All is heartbroken by Alan Benson MBE's passing. Alan was an astounding campaigner and ambassador for the disabled community.

A Black man with upper and lower limb differences stares into the camera. Behind him is a railway bridge with a train moving across it. Image is on a hot orange background with pink arrows fashioned out of electrical tape pointing at Isaac.
5th Dec 2023

Are we there yet? Barriers to transport for disabled people in 2023

Our research into disabled people's experiences of transport in England: the barriers we face, and priorities for change.

Shona is a white woman with long, curly brown hair. She uses a wheelchair, and wears glasses, a stripey long sleeved shirt, and blue jeans.
1st Dec 2023

'Through a different lens': my experience as a disabled photographer working with Transport for All

Shona writes about how being a disabled photographer allows her to see things differently, and shows us behind the scenes of her work on Transport for All's new photo library.

A hand painted carboard sign with black background and white and purple text that says
28th Nov 2023

Behind the brand: how we’ve drawn on history to create our new look

Here is a tour of our new look, and the inspiration behind the brand.

Transport for All logo with an orange-red background.
27th Nov 2023

Unveiling a new vision for Transport for All’s 40th Anniversary

As we reflect on the 40 years since our organisation was founded, we're rolling out some exciting changes to both honour our past and be ready for the years ahead.

A white man sitting on a bench in a bus stop using a mobile phone. He has short dark brown hair and is wearing an orange hoodie and black gilet.
22nd Nov 2023

Call for accessibility testers

We're looking for disabled people who use assistive technologies to join a paid panel of accessibility testers working to impove our website.

Photograph of three disabled people looking defiantly into the camera. On the left is a black man with upper and lower limb differences who uses an electric wheelchair. He has short brown hair and a beard, and is wearing a blue t-shirt and bag. In the middle is a white woman standing with her arm on her hip. She has brown hair, wears glasses, and a black jumper. On the right is an Asian man who uses an electric wheelchair. He has dark hear, and wears glasses, a grey denim jacket, and jeans.
31st Oct 2023

Campaign victory: Plans to close rail ticket offices are officially scrapped

We're celebrating a major victory today, as proposals to close hundreds of rail ticket offices are officially scrapped.

House of Commons Transport Committee logo
23rd Oct 2023

Transport Committee criticises “radical” proposed rail ticket office closures

The Transport Select Committee published a letter to the Rail Minister describing the ticket office proposals as going “too far, too fast”, warning that the change “risks excluding some passengers".

19th Sep 2023

Government defends decision to withhold "distracting" impact assessment on ticket office closures

The Department for Transport (DfT) have defended their decision to withhold their assessment of ticket office closures, arguing that to release it now would be "distracting".

Katie, a white woman with long brown hair, is speaking in a Parliament committee room. She is wearing a shoulder-padded black power suit and looks serious.
17th Sep 2023

"Frankly insulting" - our Campaigns Manager condemns ticket office closures in Parliament inquiry

We told the Transport Committee that there was little faith in the ticket office consultation process among the disabled community.

Glass door displaying the Department for Transport logo.
5th Sep 2023

Appeal submitted to government after Equality Impact Assessment withheld

We're appealing the Government's decision to withhold their assessment of the impact of ticket office closures.

Photo of sign which reads
1st Sep 2023

Government refuses to publish Impact Assessment of ticket office closures

The Department for Transport (DfT) has rejected our Freedom of Information request, deciding to withhold its analysis of the impact that closing ticket offices could have on disabled people.

An older man with white hair sits behind the wheel of a car. He is smiling at the camera and his elbow rests on the open car window.
22nd Aug 2023

Disabled People's experiences of Clean Air Zones

Read our research report into disabled people's experiences of road user charging and clean air zones.

Transport for All with a yellow background.
Press Release
24th Jul 2023

Disability charities join forces to condemn ticket office closures

Over 50 organisations representing disabled people and allies have joined forces to object to the proposals to close almost 1000 rail ticket offices across England.

Three disabled people side-by-side in front of a London Underground station. On the left is a woman holding the harness of a guide dog next to her, in the middle is a wheelchair user and on the left is a women using a white cane.
22nd Jul 2023

Disability Action Plan consultation

Read our response to the Government's consultation on its Disability Action Plan

Transport for All logo with a red background.
20th Jul 2023

We object to the ticket office closures: read our letter

A person sits behind the wheel of a car, driving on a motorway. Ahead are other cars. On the dashboard is a computer image which reads 'Self Driving'.
31st Mar 2023

Self-driving cars: the future of accessible transport, or a turn for the worse?

Self-driving cars: a closer look at what could go right, what could go wrong, and what we need to do to make sure that disabled people benefit from technology that’s being built in our name.

A group of people posing for a picture in a line outside a grand stone building with carving of people on the walls. Doug Paulley is at the front. Some of them are holding banners reading
22nd Mar 2023

Accessible transport: legal obligations

Our response to the Transport Committee's inquiry into Accessible transport: legal obligations