We all have the right to travel with freedom and independence.

Transport for All is the only disabled-led group striving to increase access to transport and streetspace across the UK. 

We are a pan-impairment organisation, guided by the passionate belief that all disabled and older people have the right to travel with freedom and independence.

Information and Advice

We provide advice, support and education for over 250 Deaf, Disabled and Older people a month, challenging the discrimination they face when accessing public transport. 

Access Partner consultancy

We deliver specialist training and consultancy services for clients across the transportactive travel and Local Authority sectorsOur expert trainers and consultants will help you make access and inclusion an integral part of your organisation.

Focus group

Campaigns and Policy

We design and deliver data-driven campaigns that push for long term and systemic change. We share expertise, influence policy, and build strategic relationships with stakeholders.


We build a connected community of disabled and older people, and their allies, facilitating a strong, collaborative movement making change for all. 

Latest news

Cutting London's buses would be a disaster for disabled people. Next to a photo of a white man in a manual wheelchair wearing a face mask on the pavement at a bus stop, as a red London double-decker bus approaches. A visually impaired woman with a Guide Dog is in the background.

Cutting London’s Buses would be disaster for disabled people

Photograph of two wheelchair users holding signs that read "Do not attempt to drive away. The photograph is slightly grainy, and has a sepia tone making it look older. There is also a tear in the upper left hand corner. Big ben and parliament are visible in the background.

Join our Disability History Group to help steer our History of Accessible Transport project

Text reads: Dial-a-ride: from door to more. Report, July 2022. Next to text is an illustration of a dial-a-ride van carrying several passengers. The background is dark blue. the transport for all logo is in the bottom left hand corner, and the age uk london logo is in the bottom right corner.

Dial-a-Ride provides a lifeline for older and disabled Londoners, but significant improvements are needed

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