Nobody’s life should be limited

by inaccessible transport!

Break down barriers and help make transport accessible for all, by becoming a TfA member today!

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We all have the right to travel with freedom and independence.

Transport for All (TfA) is a pan-impairment organisation, guided by the passionate belief that all disabled and older people have the right to travel with freedom and independence.

Our specialised services are unique; we are the only disability group in the UK to exclusively focus on transport. 

Information and Advice Line

We provide advice, support and education for over 250 Deaf, Disabled and Older people a month, challenging the discrimination they face when accessing public transport. 


We train over 250 transport sector personnel annually, delivered with our partner Inclusion London to a growing number of organisations including Transport for London and Uber.

Research and Campaigns

We design and deliver data-driven campaigns that push for long term and systemic change. We share expertise, influence policy, and build strategic relationships with stakeholders.


We develop and support an organised group of activists who made everyday access their mission, through social media, sector engagement and policy consultation.