Our Work

We are Transport for All, the only disabled-led group striving to increase access to transport and streetspace across the UK.

Illustration of a man with a beard using a recumbent handcycle.

Equitable access to transport for all citizens is a basic requirement for a just, inclusive society.

The ability to move and travel provides access to education, employment, community and simply having fun. But not everyone has equal access to public transport or their local streets. We are Transport for All, a pan-impairment organisation, advocating for every disabled person. We work with our members to fight for transport access, championing disabled and older people’s rights and providing an unrivalled community of support.  

Cartoon illustration of a person sat in a chair waiting for a taxi. They are checking their wristwatch, wearing headphones, and in front of a taxi rank.

Read our Impact Report

The direct and indirect impact of the pandemic has been, and continues to be, devastating for many disabled and older people– our lives have changed in numerous and significant ways. 

We are so proud of the work we have done and the impact we have had in these challenging times. Read more in our Impact Report linked below.

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We champion change for disabled and older people across the country, seeking to:

Our work achieves these aims through four key strands of work:

  • Information and Advice Line

    Providing advice, support and education for over 200 disabled and older people a month, challenging the discrimination they face when accessing public transport.

  • Access Partner consultancy

    Lead a revolution in meaningful co-production with a diverse range of projects designed to influence the design and delivery of infrastructure and schemes in order to support our vision of accessible journeys for all.

  • Campaigns and Policy

    We run campaigns and research that promote and uphold Transport for All as the leading voice on transport. We develop and support an organised group of activists who made everyday access their mission, through social media, sector engagement and policy consultation.

  • Membership

    Our members, supporters and friends are the centre of our work; we are a movement. We work with our diverse and brilliant community to shift attitudes, influence policy, and create meaningful change.