London Mayoral Election 2021

Disabled Londoners experience discrimination and inequality at every level of London’s transport system and streets.

This election comes at a precarious time, on the cusp of the multiple crises London is facing: the crises of the pandemic, the economic and unemployment crisis, the mental health fallout, and the ever-looming environmental disaster. When we discuss London’s recovery, we need to be bold, creative, and optimistic. But above all, we need to be inclusive, and build a London that works for everyone, including the 1.2 million disabled Londoners.

Our ultimate vision is for disabled people to be able to travel freely and with independence door to door, with the same options for modal or active travel as non-disabled people.

To do this will require sustainable, seismic change in how London’s transport is designed, delivered, and run. This is what we are asking of our next Mayor of London.

  1. Put disabled people at the forefront of decision-making
  2. Remove barriers to public transport
  3. Pave The Way for inclusive streetspace that enables more disabled people to make Active Travel journeys 
  4. Commit to a culture shift: prioritise accessibility for London’s recovery 
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Manifesto for Accessible Journeys. London Mayoral Election 2021. Photo of black woman with long black hair sitting in a wheelchair and about to exit a bus.