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Accessibility statement

This accessibility statement is also available in British Sign Language (BSL) and EasyRead.

Accessibility statement

Our commitment to digital accessibility 

As a Disabled People’s Organisation, we’re committed to ensuring all our work is as accessible as possible. It’s important to us that everyone can access our content and use our website, including those of us with impairments and those of us who use assistive technologies. Making our content accessible forms part of the ‘justice in our organisation’ goal in our strategy. 

This website complies with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.2. 


What we’ve done 

We’ve taken the following steps to make our website as accessible as possible: 

  • Prioritised digital accessibility as the most important aim of our website build project 
  • Added a button in the top right-hand corner to change the colours on the site between ‘vivid’ and ‘soft’ 
  • Ensured text is always in black on a contrasting light background, or white on a contrasting dark background, to meet AAA accessibility (the highest level of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 
  • Embedded an events platform within the website, to rely less on third party sites which vary in accessibility 
  • Worked with Transport for All members, accessibility specialists, and the wider disabled community to review our website, test its functions, and inform the use of colours and fonts online 
  • Produced key information (including our privacy policy, accessibility statement, and our latest research reports) in a range of alternative formats including British Sign Language, EasyRead, and text-only. 
  • Ensured all images have alt text, and removed all images from our old (pre-2017) articles and pages that did not have alt text. 


What we’re doing next 

Accessibility is not a tick-box exercise: we will continually test the site and make improvements. Our website design and functions will evolve to reflect updates to best practice. We are currently working to introduce: 

  • British Sign Language translation of our ‘issues’ pages 


Adapting our website to your requirements 

While we have tried to make our website as accessible as possible, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. You may have a better experience accessing our content by changing settings on your computer or device, for example the text size, colours, or fonts. This can be done using accessibility features on your device or through using assistive technology. For further information, see this resource from AbilityNet. 


External links 

Some websites that this site links through to may not have the same level of accessibility.  



We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of the Transport for All website. Please email:  

If you’d like to join our paid panel of website testers, please email:  


This accessibility statement was last updated in November 2023.