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National Express commits to wheelchair priority policy on all buses

15 Jul 2015 | Read more »

TfA member wins commitment after AGM intervention

New report calls for a moratorium on shared space schemes

9 Jul 2015 | Read more »

70% of disabled people have had a negative experience

Renewed calls for turn-up-and-go assistance at more stations

2 Jul 2015 | Read more »

Trial of 36 stations does not go far enough

Future plans for accessible transport in London

25 Jun 2015 | Read more »

Our analysis of TfL’s ‘Your Accessible Transport Network’ document

Meet the new ministers dealing with transport access

10 Jun 2015 | Read more »

Department of Transport, Minister for Disabled People and Shadow Cabinet

Significant changes to the Motability scheme

26 May 2015 | Read more »

New restrictions on Specialised Vehicle Fund