Join our Disability History Group to help steer our History of Accessible Transport project

To coincide with Transport for All’s 40th birthday next year, we’re being funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund to build an archive to discover and celebrate the history of the accessible transport movement. 

Photograph of two wheelchair users holding signs that read "Do not attempt to drive away. The photograph is slightly grainy, and has a sepia tone making it look older. There is also a tear in the upper left hand corner. Big ben and parliament are visible in the background.

The entire project, and the things we create from it will be designed and produced in conjunction with Disabled people. This will involve creating an online home for the archive, researching the history of the movement, planning events, digitising physical items such as documents, photos and placards, and creating new content to celebrate the archive and to be preserved by it!

We are looking for creative, curious and inventive people who are interested in history, accessible transport or activism to shape the History of Accessible Transport project. The disability history group will work with us from September 2022 onwards to direct the project, and be involved in decisions about how we create and build the archive and how we share the stories we collect.

The commitment for the disability history steering group will be approximately 2 hours a month (meeting via zoom) for 18 months, which would be paid £75 per meeting, and potentially a small amount of preparation which would be compensated additionally. Access support will be tailored to the group but can include for example, BSL interpretation, Easy Read documents or additional breaks.

There will be other ways to get involved in the project later on as well, directed by the disability history steering group. These will range from making your opinions heard in questionnaires about the project to using your detective skills to find the documents and articles that you think we should preserve. Or if you’re a budding artist, filmmaker or podcaster and want to tell stories with your work, this project will be a place for you!

Transport for All’s ethos is to provide compensation to Disabled people for their work and expertise, and all payments will be agreed and advertised prior to each group activity.

So if you’re interested in helping us with this project, or just want to find out more, fill in the expression of interest form below and we’ll be in touch, or you can contact me directly at or 020 7737 2339.

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With thanks to National Lottery players

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