Big Red Book Fifth Edition

Exclusive: The Big Red Book Fifth Edition is Available Here.
Alan Benson, Chairperson, Transport for All, is pleased to announce that the new edition of the Transport for London’s (TfL) Big Red Book is now available to download here.
Alan Benson said, “The Big Red Book is unique in that it gathers together in one place exactly what passengers can expect from London’s 28,000 bus drivers.
This fifth edition has been a year in the making and we are pleased that TfA and many of its members have been listened to in its creation.
We’re particularly pleased to see more detailed guidance to support users of walkers and those people with invisible impairments.
This is a key tool in the continued drive to raise standards and improve the journey experience for all passengers not just Disabled and Older People.“
The Big Red Book is intended as a guide for TfL’s bus drivers. This edition opens with a foreword from Claire Mann, Director of Bus Operations, Surface Transport, Transport for London.
We particularly recommend the section that starts on page 82, “London’s accessible bus network.“TfA members, subscribers, followers and campaigners have found it helpful to peruse previous editions in the past.
If you cannot read the PDF and would like to know more about the guidelines on a certain subject, please call Transport for All and we will be happy to provide the information for you. Tel: 020 7737 2339 or Text 07984 755 894.

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