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London Buses   

General accessibility 

  • Assistance dogs are welcome on all buses and may travel upstairs or downstairs 
  • Audio-visual announcements are available on all London buses informing passengers about destinations and issues. If the system does not seem to be working, speak to the driver. 
  • Priority seats: There are priority seats on the lower deck for people who find it difficult to stand. Don’t hesitate to ask passengers to give you their seat if you need it. TfL also provide a “Please offer me a seat” badge for those who need it.  
  • A Travel Support card is available for people who need a bit more support from the driver. This can be very useful for neurodiverse people, people with speech impairments and people with learning difficulties  
  • Mobility walkers and shopping trolleys are welcome on-board and you can ask the driver to lower the ramp or kneel the bus if needed. 
  • Ramp: Buses usually have a ramp at the middle doors (wheelchair and mobility scooter users board via these doors). Some single-decker buses have a ramp at the front doors. 


Mobility Aid Restrictions 

Priority space 

  • On each bus, there is at least one space in which wheelchair and mobility scooter users have priority over other passengers: the dimensions of the wheelchair priority space vary, but it should be big enough for wheelchairs with the following dimensions: 1200mm long and 700mm wide 
  • Wheelchair and mobility aid users always have priority to use the space over buggy users 


Mobility scooter guidance 

  • Mobility scooters are permitted with the following maximum dimensions 
  • Maximum width: 600mm 
  • Maximum length: 1000mm 
  • Maximum turning radius: 1200mm 
  • The Mobility Aid Recognition Scheme can provide a card to owners of scooters that TfL have approved for travel on buses. This will prove to the bus driver that your mobility scooter is allowed on board. To apply, contact TfL’s Travel Mentoring Service on 020 3054 4361. 


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 Last Updated: March 2021

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