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Hate Crime

Hate Crime on transport

Transport For All have been working with Stay Safe East to undertake Hate Crime training, with a goal to build capacity and strategy for taking on transport-specific hate crime cases. In the future we hope to open our advice line to support victims of hate crime, in the meantime please see below for resources and contact details for organisations who can help.


If you experience a Hate Crime or Hate Incident on transport, you should report it as soon as possible. If you do not need additional support with your report, please get in touch with the police right away. 


MET Police  

Phone: 999 (emergency)  

Phone: 101* (non-emergency)  

*reports made to 101 must be forwarded to BTP, but sometimes this causes delays 


British Transport Police  

Phone: 0800 40 50 40   

61016 (text)  

*please consult CCTV time limit guides for different modes of transport 


TfL Customer services   

Phone: 0343 222 1234 (there is an option for disabled callers)  

0800 112 3456 (textphone)  


True Vision  

(report a hate crime online)  


Register for the emergency SMS service  

Text ‘Register’ to 999, and follow the instructions to set this up. 


Most boroughs will have dedicated Safer Neighbourhoods teams, Victim Support, and Citizen’s Advice Bureaus. Please get in touch with your local council to get the appropriate local contact details, in addition to those provided here. 


The following DDPOs provide specialised support and advice for victims of Hate Crime. 


Stay Safe East (LondonwideNewham, Waltham Forest)  

Phone: 0208 519 7241  


Choice in Hackney (Hackney, Londonwide 

Phone: 020 7613 3206  


Real (Tower Hamlets)   

Phone: 020 7001 2172 


DeafPLUS (Londonwide 

Phone: 020 7790 6147  


MertonCIL (Merton)  

Phone: 020 3397 3119  


ADKC (Kensington & Chelsea)  

Phone: 020 8960 8888  


HAD (Harrow)  

Phone: 02088619920  



Phone: 020 7738 5656  


The following organisations operate nationally and can provide advice and specialised support for Hate Crime victims from various communities, identities and cultures. 


Tell MAMA (Islamophobic hate crime)  



0800 999 5248 (national)   

020 7704 2040 (London) 


Stop Hate UK  

Phone: 0800 138 1625 (24 hours)  


Equalities and Human Rights Commission  

Phone: 0808 800 0082  

0808 800 0084 (textphone) 


Equalities National Council  

Phone: 0207 474 9812  


CATCH partnership (London)  


If you are unhappy with a decision made in regards to your incident, please check the resources below for complaints and appeals. 


Police:  Victim’s Right to Review  

You will need to give the Crime Reference Number, date and a summary of why the request has been made 


Police:  Complaints  


Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC)  

Phone: 0300 020 0096  


TfL complaints department  


London TravelWatch    


Local Goverment Ombudsman (LGO)  


About the project

We are very excited to announce we have completed Stay Safe East’s Hate Crime training program! Led by the wonderful Tam Preboye, the Access, Rights, Advice team learned about different aspects of disability hate crime and how to report it.

Since November 2020, we have spent 15 hours together discussinStay Safe East’s work in Hate Crime and learning how to build capacity for a transport-specific hate crime reporting framework. We were taught how to evaluate resources, produce risk assessments, build relationships with DDPOs who work with hate crime victims andultimately, built a future strategy on how to take on transport-specific hate crime cases. 

The ARA team have also met with Stephen Brookes, a researcher, campaigner and national expert in disability hate crime on transport to discuss his professional experiences. The meeting gave us a fascinating insight into policy and helped us shed light on gaps in the Criminal Justice system.

“As the Access, Rights, Advice scheme manager, I have learned a lot during this project. It's really important to raise awareness about disability hate crime and to encourage people to report it. We have identified various issues and obstacles in reporting a hate crime in transport. For example, some transport operators delete their CCTV within 72 hours; this gives victims almost no time to gather evidence. I am excited for Transport for All to build capacity to help disabled people gather CCTV footage when reporting a crime. There is a real need for accessible reporting practices and education about hate crime in transport.”

Emma - Access, Rights, Advice Scheme Manager

“I have found this project incredibly interesting and worthwhile. It has confirmed my belief DPOs should take Hate Crime towards disabled people very seriously. It has made me aware of the obstacles and issues a victim of a crime may face in reporting these crimes. I hope this has made me even more compassionate towards anyone who may contact Transport For All and more able to deal with it.”  

Yragael - Information & Advice Support Supervisor

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