One-off enquiries

Transport for All’s enquiry helpline is intended for enquiries than can be dealt with on a one-off basis, leaving you with sufficient information by either answering your question or signposting you to the appropriate place.  

We can help you by signposting you to the appropriate organisation, transport provider, local authority or governing body. We can also help you plan your accessible journey, answer questions about concessionary schemes, modes of transportation, street infrastructure or active travel.  

Examples of one-off enquiries include:

We can help you if your query relates to one of the following: 

If you need help with an appeal for an application for a concessionary pass, had issues with customer service due to an incident or your query needs a thorough communication strategy and speaking to other parties, such as local authorities, transport providers or governing bodies, please see our Casework page.

If you think you may have experienced Hate Crime on transport, please head over to our Hate Crime page for the appropriate signposting information.

You can contact us by phone or email:
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Co-Chair of Trustees, Alan Benson, is awarded MBE for services to Public Transport for Disabled People