Dial-a-Ride: From Door to More

The experiences of Dial-A-Ride users

In 2021, we teamed up with Age UK London to investigate the experiences of Dial-a-Ride users, including the importance of Dial-a-Ride as well as improvements that could be made to the service. 

We are now excited to publish “Dial-a-Ride: From Door to More”, a report outlining the positive and negative experiences of 14 Dial-a-Ride users and highlighting potential areas for improvement.

From our research, it is evident that the Dial-a-Ride service is highly valued by disabled and older Londoners for whom it provides a sense of independence. At the same time, our research also revealed frustrations with the service due to long waiting times, late arrivals, distance restrictions, and inefficient routes. We will use the insights gained from this research to campaign for improvements to the Dial-a-Ride service and to ensure that this service continues to exist for those who need it. 

Caroline Stickland, CEO at Transport for All said: “The Dial-a-Ride service is life changing for its users. It provides a life-line for many people, we heard time and time again from our interviewees that without the bus they would not go out – shopping, meet friends and family or go to social events. But there are many flaws in the service that lets it down and can easily be improved.” 

An illustration of a dial-a-ride van carrying several disabled passengers against a the london skyline

From Door to More report

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You can access our report in the following formats:

Transport for All and Age UK London will be hosting a launch event with key decision makers, stakeholders and our participants on the 11th of July to discuss the recommendations of our report. After the event we’ll share an update on how Transport for London responded to the report and our research findings.  This update will be published later in July in a range of accessible formats.


Publication date: 7th July 2022

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