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Travel support card

Information about the Travel Support Card

Many disabled people may have a hidden impairment. This can often lead to people assuming they are ‘fine’ and don’t need assistance, or priority seating.

Other people may have difficulties communicating information to drivers and staff.

To try and make things easier, and ensure people get the assistance they may want, TfL offer a ‘Travel Support Card‘.

The card, for anyone who needs it, can be shown to staff across the network when asking for help, or if you experience problems while travelling.

On the card there is space for your name, and a box where you can detail what help you need from staff – it could include where you are going for example. There is also a box for an emergency contact number, should you feel that you may want one.

The Travel Support Card is completely free, and can be ordered from , via 0343 222 1234, or by following this link. You can also download a handy guide on using the support card here,

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