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We have launched a new podcast!

Hosted by Katie Pennick, each week she’ll interview a notable disabled person as they take a journey together on public transport.

Representing us in Parliament, serving as a staple of London’s punk nightlife scene, contributing to academia... We – disabled people – are here. Loudly and brilliantly existing in public spaces. This is what makes accessible transport so important.

This is a podcast about movement, progression, and change. Stories about activism, protests, and chaining mobility aids to buses. Disability rights have come a long way in the UK, and we’ll learn just how far there is to go.

Search for ‘How We Got Here’ wherever you get your podcasts, and hit subscribe to make sure you don’t miss an episode! You can find full transcripts below.


Episode 1: Mik Scarlet

Episode 2: Tanni Grey-Thompson

Episode 3: Gwynneth Pedler

Episode 4: Dr Amy Kavanagh