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Access to Work

Information about Access to Work

Access to Work is a Government initiative scheme run by Jobcentre Plus. The scheme provides advice and practical support to disabled people who are employed, self employed or about to start a job to help overcome work related obstacles resulting from a disability.

The scheme has been extended to include disabled people on traineeships, supported internships, work trials and work academies. For more information please click here.

What type of help can I get from Access to Work?

Access to Work grant is to help disabled people have equal access to workplaces. This could be used to:


You must be 16 or over. You may be able to get a grant if:

Your condition

Your disability or health condition must either:

It must also be likely to last at least a year.

Mental health conditions

Your mental health condition must both:


You might not qualify if you get any of these benefits:

You might still qualify for Access to Work if you earn less than £105 a week and either work:

This is called ‘supported permitted work’.

How to apply:

To apply for Access to Work you will need to contact them directly on the following.

Telephone: 0345 268 8489

Textphone: 0345 608 8753

Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm

You could also contact your local Jobcentre Plus office for advice and an application form.

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