Transport for All are leading transport access consultants, with a diverse range of projects designed to influence the design and delivery of infrastructure and schemes in order to support our vision of accessible journeys for all. 

Our ‘Access Partner’ model galvanises your internal access and inclusion commitment through a bespoke external expert partnership.

We work alongside your team, embedding access as part of everyday practice, through collaboration, upskilling and education so that your services are developed and delivered under the social model of disability.

We are a credible and experienced partner who can bring to your organisation 30 years of specialist knowledge of transport access and our unique understanding of the needs and views of Disabled travellers. We can also facilitate access to our network of over 5000 Disabled people, enabling you to tap directly into the perceptions and ideas of those with lived experience of access to transport.

We are committed to understanding our Access Partners’ objectives and requirements and delivering a bespoke programme of activities to support those.

Current projects include:

In addition, working with us provides added social value to our partners, as all income generated from our work is invested in our not-for-profit organisation.

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Our Clients

London Underground
Department for Transport
City of London

The day was amazing. I was lucky enough to travel around with two people who have different impairments and was amazed at how things I take for granted are such enormous barriers for them.

Mike Smith

General Manager of the Circle & Hammersmith Line

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Questions and Answers

We offer more than simple ‘awareness’ training, which focuses on understanding Disability as a medical health care issue. Instead our training is rooted in the social model of disability which offers the view that it’s society’s inaccessible transport services, attitudes and discrimination that disables people, and that we all have a social responsibility to remove these barriers. Our sessions have a pan-impairment approach that looks at the real access needs of the Disabled communities.

We provide positive learning environments that seek to empower participants with knowledge and skills, rather than lecture.

The core of our DET offers:

  • An understanding of the historic situation of Disabled people;
  • The current context covering facts and figures on how Disabled people live, work and get around;
  • The legal duties of transport providers under the Equality Act;
  • Confidence in using the correct language and terminology; and
  • Practical tips on how to assist Disabled people with a variety of physical, sensory and invisible impairments in and out of vehicles and whilst travelling.

After attending our course, participants will:

  • Have a clear understanding of the definition of Disability and understand the myths and misconceptions relating to Disability;
  • Understand the social model of Disability and how it can be applied to their area of work;
  • Understand better the barriers faced by Disabled and older people;
  • Understand how to overcome obstacles and be confident to deal with issues;
  • Understand how to ensure an accessible and inclusive environment;
  • Learn appropriate language and behaviour; and
  • Understand their responsibilities within the Equality Act.