Our Pave The Way report: 4 months on

Pave The Way. Four months on
Our Pave The Way report remains the only in-depth and independent piece of research into the impacts of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods on disabled people, and has proven to be an invaluable resource to so many.


We had several goals when we embarked on this campaign. We wanted to disrupt the narrative – in public minds and in the media – of disabled people being spoken for rather than to. We wanted to build public awareness around the barriers disabled people face to Active Travel. We also wanted to show the diversity of opinion within the disabled community, putting an end to the practice of disabled people being homogenised and used for political gain. We wanted to influence the sector in meaningful, lasting and strategic ways; shaping policy, creating attitudinal change and engineering organisational culture shifts.    


Most importantly we wanted tangible changes as a result of our work: to see a shift in how disabled people are engaged with. We wanted to see local authorities and transport providers move away from passive, reductive ‘disability forums’, and commit to co-production model that sees disabled experts hired as co-designers of schemes from the offset. 


4 months on, we are so proud of the lasting impact our work has had and is continuing to have.

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