TfA’s inaugural ‘TravelTalks’ webinar sees 40 disabled people share experiences with streetspace

A poster for an online event. TfA - Travel Talks. Streetscapes: how do we make sure the 'new normal' works for disabled people? Wednesday 8th July, 7pm. Zoom webinar. Join our friendly panel and share your concerns and opinions. On the right hand side there are 6 pictures of smiling faces: Hollie Brooke, Amy Kavanagh, Charli Clement, Bhavini Makwana, Ellis Palmer and Sarah O'Brien.

81% of disabled people polled felt concerned that the streetscapes of the ‘new normal’ will be inaccessible to them.

Transport for All’s inaugural TravelTalks on 8th July 2020 welcomed over 40 disabled people from across the UK, led by a diverse panel, to share perspectives on the impact COVID-19 related streetscape changes have had on their ability to navigate and move around their cities and local areas.

The session saw the sharing of opinions and concerns from a diverse range of disabled people across the UK.  Common to all types of impairment were the difficulties in traversing the pavement; street clutter, uneven surfaces, no dropped kerbs, lack of tactile paving, and confusing layouts all pose physical and mental barriers. Participants reported experiences of injury, distress, and being unable to access their local area. 

Below you can find our summary report of the key concerns, and the solutions we are putting to the transport sector. You can also watch a video of the highlights.

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