Take action now for accessible stations

Transport for All is very concerned about Transport for London’s threats to cut 800 jobs from London Underground, and slash the hours that ticket offices are open.

We’re asking our supporters to sign the petition at www.petition.co.uk/safe-stations-are-staffed-stations and to write to MPs and London Assembly members.

Please circulate the link to the petition to your email contacts. We can also email you a petition to print as hard copy to ask people you know to sign.

Please write to your London Assembly Member to express your opposition to these cuts. You may wish to include the following points:

  • Cutting the number of available station staff will have a disastrous impact on older and disabled people and our freedom to travel
  • Disabled people are four times more likely to be a victim of crime, and fewer station staff will result in an increase in crime and antisocial behaviour at unstaffed and understaffed stations
  • Many disabled people, including some with visual impairments, cannot use Oyster machines and rely on staffed ticket offices to travel
  • Every day, station staff help disabled and older people manage steps or board trains. Without them, many disabled people won’t be able to use the Underground
  • Cuts to station staff will mean more disabled and older people will become housebound and isolated

If you can include personal experience about the effect these cuts will have on you, then your letter will be more powerful.

If you live outside London, please contact your MP and ask them to write to Mayor Boris Johnson, Chair of Transport for London, on your behalf.

You can find out who your Assembly Member and MP,is, and their address, at www.writetothem.com.

Together, we will show Transport for London and the Mayor that we are united in our demand to travel safely, in a properly staffed Tube.

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