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Say NO to Shared Streets

Transport for All supports Guide Dogs Say NO to shared space campaign.

Shared space is a new design concept for town centre and high street developments, often delivered by means of a shared surface street design. In most cases the design involves removing the kerb that has traditionally separated areas for vehicles and pedestrians creating a shared surface street.

Blind and partially sighted people, particularly guide dog owners and long cane users are trained to use the kerb as a key navigation cue in the street environment. Its removal, without a proven effective, alternative feature, exposes blind and partially sighted people to greater risk, undermines their confidence, and so creates a barrier to their independent mobility.

Guide Dogs held a high profile photocall at City Hall in London on the 17th June, to ensure the message to stop Exhibition Road being turned in to a no-go area was relayed loud and clear to the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

For more information visit the campaign website