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Proposals to make pedestrians cross bike lane to reach bus stop

TfL are proposing a new bus stop design on their cycle superhighway 2 in Stratford, East London. It would put the cycle lane *in between* the pavement and the bus stop, so people wishing to go to the bus stop would have to cross a lane of moving bike traffic. Cyclists would have priority.

We at Transport for All think this would make streets more dangerous, especially for visually impaired people. We absolutely support infrastructure that makes cycling safer – but not at the cost of making streets more dangerous for disabled people. As bikes are virtually silent, visually impaired people only have a fraction of a second’s sound warning when a bike is approaching. Stepping towards the bus stop, they risk being hit at high speed.

It’s also unclear how a wheelchair user coming off a bus down the ramp would fare, coming off into a line of moving cycle traffic.

The consultation is now closed, but contact: with your views on this issue.