Our statement on the trans flag colourful crossing

Transport for All stands firmly against hate, bigotry, and discrimination of any kind. Our organisation is founded upon inclusion and openness to all.  

Accessibility is about building a world for everyone, where everyone is included, accommodated, and respected. Public art adds greatly to enjoyment of the built environment, especially art that celebrates particular communities and identities. These art installations can (and must) be designed with accessibility and safety in mind, and located away from dangerous areas such as road crossings.  

When ‘colourful crossings’ began popping up across the country over the summer, we saw a range of different designs and artwork being installed, and we acted to raise our concerns about the accessibility and safety of these schemes. Last week we welcomed the Mayor of London’s response and promise to “pause” the installation of any new colourful crossings on the TfL network of roads and to advise boroughs to do the same, until future research is conducted. 

Over the past week we have been horrified to witness examples of disabled people and accessibility concerns being weaponised against other marginalised groups, specifically the LGBTQ+ community. The use of disabled people’s experiences to fuel division and hatred goes against everything that Transport for All stands for, and is a disgraceful hijacking of our wish to create a society that welcomes everyone. 

The disabled community is a vast and diverse group. We are 1 in 5 of the population. We come from different backgrounds, have different access needs, and different identities. Transport for All passionately stands for justice, solidarity, inclusion and community.

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