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Freedom Pass – Re-issue

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In early 2010, all Freedom Pass users will need...

In early 2010, all Freedom Pass users will need to apply for a new-style pass because the current passes will stop working on 31 March 2010.

You will be able to apply to renew your pass between January and February 2010. People who become eligible for a Freedom Pass for the first time from January to March 2010 will be issued with the new-style pass when they apply.

The new pass will look similar to concessionary passes issued elsewhere in England but will include improvements to the technology to enable it to be used on public transport outside London and to make the card more secure.
The new Freedom Pass will be valid for five years rather than two years. This makes them very valuable. In order to reduce the risk of fraud, the new-style pass will incorporate a photograph of the owner on the card itself rather than on a separate photocard as is currently the case.

Providing the additional features needed to personalise each card means that the cards will take up to 10 working days to produce from the date of application. Given this, Freedom Pass users will not get the new pass immediately over the counter as in previous years.
However, if you renew during the months of January and February 2010 you will not be without a valid pass as the new-style pass will be sent to you through the post before the end of March 2010.

There will be an advertising campaign to support the renewal but if you want the latest information visit the Freedom Pass website:

The Freedom Pass telephone support line is 020 7934 9633 (Mon-Fri 0900-1700hrs)

The latest news recieved today from London Councils:

Production of the first passes for testing has begun, including
the hologram, photo, over printing and combined ITSO/Oyster
applications. They are currently being re tested by TfL and the
results should be with us shortly.

Other news

The London boroughs of Barking and Dagenham and Sutton are now in
a position to start testing their application process. We are
seeking to involve them in testing with Fujitsu.

Security visit

London Councils and TfL staff visited the Fujitsu card storage
site in Hull to approve the contractor’s site and check storage
to ensure it is both secure and stock is stored at multi sites.
Feedback suggested that everything went well and that London
Councils staff and TfL staff were satisfied with the security


Wallet designs are out to boroughs for agreement. This is a
direct result of discussions between senior elected members and
TfL. TfL is funding these wallets and has assured us they are
pleased to do so.

A man standing in front of a painted brick wall smiling at the camera. He is holding a cane and is wearing glasses, a black jacket and a grey t-shirt. A man standing in front of a painted brick wall smiling at the camera. He is holding a cane and is wearing glasses, a black jacket and a grey t-shirt.

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