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Draft Mayor’s Transport Strategy (MTS)

Transport for All

Draft Mayor’s Transport Strategy (MTS)...

Draft Mayor’s Transport Strategy (MTS)

The Mayor of London has published his draft Transport Strategy for public and stakeholder consultation. Transport for All will be writing a response to the strategy and we would welcome your views to include in our document.

The draft strategy has developed from ‘Way to Go’ and the Statement of Intent consultations of autumn 2008 and spring 2009 respectively; it’s development and approach has been influenced by the London Assembly, the Functional Bodies of the Greater London Authority, the Outer London Commission and other key stakeholders including London Councils and the London boroughs.

The Mayor also published his draft Replacement London Plan and the Economic Development Strategy. Together they outline the Mayor’s vision and strategy for London to 2031.

The draft Mayor’s Transport Strategy MTS sets out the Mayor’s vision for transport in London over the next 20 years and describes how Transport for London (TfL) and its partners, including Transport for All, can deliver that vision.

It contains the projects in TfL’s Business Plan that are to be delivered before 2018 as well as further unfunded proposals that are required to achieve the goals of the draft Strategy in the longer term.

The goals of the draft Strategy are:

– Supporting economic development and population growth

– Enhancing the quality of life for all Londoners

– Improving the safety and security of all Londoners

– Improving transport opportunities for all Londoners

– Reducing transport’s contribution to climate change and improving its resilience

– Supporting delivery of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and it’s legacy.

The draft Strategy builds upon committed schemes (including the Tube upgrades, Crossrail and Thameslink) that are crucial to London’s continuing success. It sets out to meet London’s predicted growth of 1.3 million more people and 0.75 million more jobs by 2031.

The draft Strategy supports sustainable growth across both inner and outer London. It emphasises making the most of the extensive public transport networks we have already, by encouraging better integration with national rail, better and new interchanges with London Rail orbital routes to enable easier orbital trips, making more use of the river for transporting people and goods, better information, better streets and an improved urban realm, significant walking and cycling improvements, promotion and encouragement of new, cleaner technologies such as electric vehicles and better management of the roads with new traffic control systems and better coordinated road-works.

The draft Strategy also contains some new transport links in the longer term to improve connectivity, support development and ease crowding and congestion. These include east Thames river crossings, the Northern line separation and extension to Battersea, a southern extension of the Bakerloo line, Crossrail 1 extensions and the Chelsea Hackney line (alias Crossrail 2).

TfL is currently planning a series of briefings with stakeholders representing business, environment, disability and community groups. This will provide an overview of the draft Mayor’s Transport Strategy and will be followed by a discussion of the issues which matter to you. TfL will be contacting you shortly with the details.

The consultation with the public and stakeholders runs until 12 January 2010 and the Mayor hopes that as many Londoners as possible will take the opportunity to have their say on transport issues in London. Further, there will be a number of ‘roadshow’ events across London, giving Londoners the opportunity to find out more about the strategy and details of how they can help shape London’s future. The draft MTS and further details of the ‘roadshow’ events are available on the web at

If you would like to telephone us and discuss your views, please call us on 020 7737 2339 or email us at

A man standing in front of a painted brick wall smiling at the camera. He is holding a cane and is wearing glasses, a black jacket and a grey t-shirt. A man standing in front of a painted brick wall smiling at the camera. He is holding a cane and is wearing glasses, a black jacket and a grey t-shirt.

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