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Bus Drivers Big Red Book

The Big Red Book is TfL’s official guidelines for all bus drivers in London.

Every driver should have a copy and be familiar with the book’s contents. The book covers a range of subjects from assistance dogs to ticketing.

The latest version of the Big Red Book was sent out to bus garages last week. Transport for All advised on sections of the re-written Big Red Book that deal with older and disabled transport users, and we welcome the changes that have been made.

The first section of the book answers bus drivers most frequently asked questions. Surprisingly, it seems that drivers are still unsure what to about those buggies...

“What do I do if there are people or buggies in the wheelchair area and a wheelchair user wants to board?“

“Wheelchair users are to be given access to the wheelchair space even if it is occupied by other passengers or buggies. Use the iBus automated announcement to make it clear that the wheelchair space is needed. If necessary, politely but firmly ask the buggy owners to move or fold their buggies to let the wheelchair user into the area as this is the only safe place for them to travel. Explain you will give them the time they need to do this and be patient and polite. Do not move off until they are re-positioned.

Sometimes it is possible for a wheelchair and an unfolded buggy to share the space. You should allow this provided the wheelchair user is in the correct position and the buggy does not block the gangway.“

Guidance had been changed or edited on several topics including:

The chapter ‘Older and Disabled Passengers’ is in the Part 2 PDF and begins on page 60 of the booklet which is page 31 of the PDF.

The Big Red Book is available to download here.

If you cannot read a PDF, and would like to know more about the guidlines on a certain subject, please call Transport for All and we will be happy to provide the information for you. Tel:020 7737 2339