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Transport for All have linked up with Inclusion London to deliver Disability Equality Training to Transport for London (TfL) staff. A key part of this training is an Access Trip: staff go with a Disabled passenger as they travel route on the London bus and tube network. It’s an amazing way to show LU staff the issues and barriers we face every day on the transport system.

We call these Access Trips, and the people who run them are Access Guides. TfL love the Access Trips so much, they want more staff to do them! Sharing your journeys really makes a big difference. So we are looking for more Access Guides from across different impairment groups…could this be YOU?

The role of an Access Guide

As part of Disability Equality Training:

  • To take staff on trips on the London bus and tube network
  • To show access features that support you to access the transport network
  • To show the practical problems you have getting around and ways to overcome/remove these
  • To talk about the impact your experiences have on you, both positive and negative

Dates and times

The sessions will begin w/c 18 February 2019 and run until the end of June 2019. Access Trips last 2 hours (10:00 am-12 noon). We will be running up to 6 sessions per week.


There will be a gratuity of £50 offered for each Access Trip you lead. This could be given as a Bank Transfer, in Cash or Vouchers depending on your preference.

Contact us if you are interested!

If you are interested in becoming one of our Access Guides (training will be given!!), please get in touch with Jacky Wood at for more information, or call/text 07904 101 342.

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