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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Membership at Transport for All is changing. Below are some questions which you may have for us. If your question is not included in the list then please do get in touch!

Why have you decided to introduce a membership fee?

At TfA we pride ourselves in using our limited resources to maximum effect. In doing so we have won significant improvements to the way transport services are planned, operated and run in London – from winning an accessible crossrail to providing essential disability equality training to transport staff. However there is still much more to do in our struggle to ensure that no disabled and older person in London ever has to limit their lives or become housebound because of unusable transport services.

Ensuring our members are kept at the heart of everything we do is central in achieving this dream.

As a grassroots charity we therefore now need to start charging for membership to cover the costs of running our membership scheme. Your fee will mean we can greatly improve how our membership system works. This includes membership processing and renewals as well as making sure we can keep in touch with those who are not on-line. Ultimately it means building a stronger and better connected organisation.

What do I get for the membership fee?

Individuals Organisations
  • A Members introduction pack,with Oyster card and membership card.
  • Members only e-newsletter, containing the latest accessible transport news, meetings, events and,consultations OR the member only quarterly newsletter posted to those not on-line.
  • Priority booking at TfA’s,meetings, forums and events.

    - Invitation to TfA’s Biennial, General Meeting and an opportunity to set the direction of the charity.
  • TfA member networking meet ups.
  • A Members Introduction pack and membership card.
  • Members only e-newsletter containing the latestaccessible transport news, meetings and events.
  • Notice of local, London wide and national transportaccess consultations that your group can feed into.
  • Opportunity to have a TfA speaker and a transport surgery at your group event.
  • Priority booking at TfA’s meetings, forums and events.
  • Invitation to TfA’s Biennial General Meeting and anopportunity to set the direction of the charity.
  • TfA member networking meet ups.

I recently joined for free, do I still need to pay for membership?

Yes please! As we are introducing a new system we are requesting all existing members to sign up to our new paid for membership system.

I recently donated to TfA do I still I need pay for membership?

As ever your charitable donation is gratefully appreciated and directly contributes towards our core work which includes running our advice and advocacy services.

However our membership system is separate to this and is about building a strong base of members who we can keep updated and involve in our activities. Your membership fees will assist us to keep our system running!

I really want to be a member but I can’t afford the £10 fee?

TfA set our £10 per year fee to cover the costs of running our membership system. However we do understand that for some people that may not be affordable. If this is the case we request that you get in touch with us:

I’ve paid for membership can I still donate?

Yes please we still need our members to donate to us to keep our organisation running