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Disability Equality Training

Delivering high quality Disability Equality Training for the transport industry

At Transport for All we know that trained and confident staff can make all the difference to a journey. Whilst progress on improving the physical accessibility of our transport network continues at a slow pace – the assistance provided by staff remains crucially important in getting disabled people from A to B.

We design bespoke Disability Equality Training (DET) that equips frontline and operational staff as well senior managers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to better serve the needs of Disabled customers. CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR DET WEBSITE.

We have also organised eye-opening ground experience trips with Disabled customers for staff and managers.

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We invest 25 years’ worth of Disability rights experience in to our training

As one of the UK’s leading user-led Disabled person’s organisation we know firsthand the issues, challenges and solutions that exist to enable Disabled people to live their lives.

Through our network of members, our busy information and advice services, our outreach to groups and forums and our lobbying and campaign work – we have a direct link to the experiences and aspirations of Disabled communities in London and across the UK. We use this information in designing and developing our training

Delivered by Disabled trainers

All our DET are delivered by qualified Disabled trainers who use their lived experiences to make the case for understanding of the barriers that prevent Disabled and older people from living their life like everyone else.


We have successfully worked with a wide range of organisations especially within the transport sector:

Underground logo

London Underground: We are currently working with them to train their front-line staff as well as senior management.

Dial a ride logo

London Dial-a-Ride: We delivered DET and produced a training video for their call centre staff and operational staff.

Logos of uber and uber assist

Uber: We deliver training to partner-drivers who work on the Uber ASSIST and Uber ACCESS platforms.

Gett Logo

Gett: We organised a User forum for GETT with Disabled and Older Londoners to gather their experiences of using Door to Door services.

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Please contact our CEO Kirsty Hoyle for further information: