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Taxicard Service Information

The London Taxicard Scheme is funded by 32 participating London boroughs and the Mayor of London, and it aims to provide door-to-door transport for disabled and older people who have mobility impairments and difficulty in using public transport. The Taxicard contract is administered by London Councils, and operated by Computer Cab.

Your Taxicard allows you to make a set number of subsidised journeys in licensed London taxis. The number of trips you are allocated differs depending on which borough you live in.


You are automatically eligible for membership if you:

If you are not in one of the above categories you may still apply, but you may be asked to provide further detailed personal information.

Local boroughs are tightening up the assessment process. List exactly what your impairments are, how you are disabled by inaccessible transport services, and what effect this has on your daily life.

Many boroughs conduct eligibility assessments carried out by occupational therapists. You may be invited to one where you will be asked questions about your impairments and how they prevent you from using public transport, as well as being monitored while you walk a certain distance.

You may also be asked how you traveled to the assessment.

If you believe your application was unfairly rejected, contact Transport for All to discuss the appeal process.

To find out which application form you need, visit this London Council webpage and click on your borough.

Many allow applications available online for you to download, others require you to contact them to request one. You can request an application form by phone, e-mail, post or by downloading the application form.

If you live in Westminster and do not meet any of the automatic eligibility you must receive a financially assessed benefit from the Council to be considered.

Tel: 0845 415 4156 or 020 7934 9791 / Fax: 020 7934 9591 /

Be sure to include the following details when applying:

Booking a cab

You can now book a taxicard trip online via Computer Cab’s website or by phone: 02077635001 or 02070823131.

The Taxicard Call Centre is based in Scotland, and unfortunately it can be difficult to get through. Try to book your journeys in advance to avoid disappointment. You will be asked for your Taxicard number, to confirm your name, the departure and arrival addresses. Always ask for a quote, as for longer journeys it may be cheaper to book a local minicab rather than using your Taxicard.

You can also hail a Computer Cab taxi in the street or at a taxi rank. Look for the orange Computer Cab ‘target’ logo.

If you find it easier to get in or out of a minicab, rather than a black cab, or vice versa, you may request that a note is put on your account so you are always sent the right type of vehicle. You must contact your council and ask them to inform Taxicard of your requirements.

If you have an iPhone, you can book a trip within seconds through the ComCab app,


It includes a “Track your Taxi” feature: as soon as you trip is allocated to a driver, this gives you an approximate arrival time and you can also see on the map where the taxi is and follow his its progress. The app also allows users to set up favourite addresses, making it quicker to book in the future.

Christiane, a Transport for All trustee, makes nearly all of her Taxicard bookings through the app. She said, “Using the app is much quicker than calling ComCab or even use their website. I really like the “Track your Taxi” feature as I don’t need to wait in the cold anymore and I can track where my cab is and can be outside on time.“

At the moment the app is only available for iPhone, but ComCab promised they will launch an app for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phones soon.

Using the Service

All taxis should be at your chosen pick up point at the required time of arrival. A minimum cost of £2.40 will be on the meter. It is advised that you are ready to travel at the time booked for your pick up to avoid delays and additional costs.

If you think you have been unfairly charged when you when you were ready on time, but the meter was showing a higher amount than the maximum run in charge when you entered the taxi, call Transport for All. We can make a complaint to Taxicard on your behalf. The details of all your journeys are held on your Taxicard account.

Did you know?

Taxicard offers a service whereby you will be called to let you know when your taxi has arrived.
You can take up to four people with you in the cab.

When you get in the cab, the driver will swipe your Taxicard. The distance you can travel on one swipe depends on the time of day.

In some boroughs you are able to ‘double swipe’. This means that if you use up one swipe of your Taxicard, you can swipe your card again to continue your journey, using another of your Taxicard trips frm entitlement. If you don’t have doubleswiping in your borough, you can continue your journey once you have used up one trip, but you will be charged at standard taxi rates.

Since April 2011, there have been changes to the Taxicard charges and subsidies. These vary from borough to borough. Most councils have increased the fare you pay to £2.50, reduced the subsidy to £9.30, and no longer allow doubleswiping.

If you are unsure about the charges in your borough, contact Transport for All on 020 7737 2339 or check the Taxicard website

Top Tips

If you have booked your taxi the day before, call thirty minutes before its expected arrival time to check the cab is on its way.