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Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle

Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Information

This page gives you some information on Taxis (black cabs) and Private Hire Vehicles (minicabs and similar services).


Taxis, often referred to as ‘black cabs’, can be hailed in the street or at designated ranks situated in prominent places such as mainline rail, Tube and bus stations. They can also be booked by telephone. The fare payable at the end of the journey will be shown on the taxi meter. There is no extra charge for additional passengers or luggage.

All black cabs are wheelchair accessible. Drivers are not allowed to refuse to take you or your assistance dog or wheelchair, and are not allowed to make extra charges for carrying wheelchairs, assistance dogs, etc. – this is the law. The driver should not have the meter running while extending the ramp or helping you into the vehicle. You should submit a complaint if the driver fails to do these things correctly – see below on how to do this.

Most black cabs have a variety of additional aids for travellers, including:

Black cabs are also able to accommodate the smaller models of mobility scooter.

You can find up-to-date fares information for taxis here on the Transport for London website.

To book a black cab at any time of day or night, call One Number Taxi Bookings on 0871 871 8710.

TfL’s list of phone numbers for booking a taxi (black cab) is here.

If you wish to make a complaint about a black cab driver, you can do so using TfL’s taxi and private hire complaints webpage. TfL’s taxi and private hire complaints webpage.

Watch the wheelchair accessible tutorial video produced by London Black Taxi:

Private Hire Vehicles

Private Hire Vehicles are generally known as ‘minicabs’. Unlike with taxis, journeys must be booked through a licensed private hire operator, and Private Hire Vehicles cannot be hailed or approached on the street. Fares are at the discretion of the operator, and most operators have set fares including a minimum fare per journey. It’s a good idea to ask the operator for a quote or estimate before you start your journey. All licensed private hire drivers must wear their licence ID badge with a photo of them on it. Licensed private hire vehicles are generally saloon cars, so they are not wheelchair accessible. Check with the operator whether their vehicles meet your accessibility requirements.


You may be eligible for a Taxicard, which allows you to make a set number of subsidised journeys each year in licensed London taxis or minicabs. See our Taxicard page for details.

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TfL’s Cabwise service allows you to book taxis or minicabs by phone or by using an app:

Minicab companies in your area

You can get a list of minicab areas in your area from this TfL webpage. Put in your location, street or postcode, optionally tick the box for wheelchair accessible minicabs, and it will give you a list of cab companies and how many accessible vehicles they have.

Other useful links

You may also find TfL’s Taxis and Minicabs homepage useful.

Mobility Taxis provides a transport service for elderly and disabled people within the Croydon Borough and surrounding areas.

Computer Cab can provide accessible vehicles to anyone, not only to people with a Taxicard.

Radiotaxis can also provide accessible vehicles.

If you need a vehicle which can accommodate a larger than usual wheelchair, try giving Chequers Transport a call to see what sizes they can accommodate.

Don’t forget to visit our Community Transport page for details of community transport services in your area.

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