Coronavirus: TfA calls on transport sector to protect disabled rights during the COVID-19 crisis

TfA calls on transport sector to protect disabled rights during the COVID-19 crisis. Next to yellow illustration demonstrating social distancing.

We are calling on the transport sector to protect disabled people’s rights during the COVID-19 crisis. You can read our ‘asks’ below.


Transport For All’s Coronavirus Statement

These are unprecedented times that have changed the nature and landscape of transport and travel for disabled and older people.

At Transport for All we are echoing the message that all but essential travel should be avoided. Where travel is essential, we are working with operators to ensure that services and assistance are provided appropriately.

It is essential that vital services such as Turn Up And Go and Passenger Assist are protected and that disabled and older passengers are not forgotten about, left behind or further marginalised by social distancing efforts. We urge operators to remember that key workers can be disabled, and that disabled people still need access to essential travel.

We encourage operators to redeploy resources and staff to support our members and those who are likely to be more isolated, and for longer, than the wider public.

There will be much work to do in the coming months and years, fighting to ensure the rights of disabled and older people are not disregarded when society starts to rebuild.  We will soon be needed more than ever and your support is vital.


Over the coming weeks we are:

  • Supporting transport sector with expert guidance on disabled people’s needs
  • Planning for the changing transport needs of disabled people post-COVID 19
  • Keeping a watchful eye on transport initiatives and emergency measures and their potential impact
  • Advising individuals and encouraging our members to keep in contact to support wellbeing and digital connectivity


We are still here to increase access to transport, fight for your rights, and give you the best independent advice. #AccessRightsAdvice


Kirsty Hoyle, CEO

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