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Co-production and consultation

At Transport for All, we believe that co-production is the model form of user participation and should be implemented by service providers when they design new services or redesign existing ones.  

Co-production is a way of consulting where service providers work in an equal partnership with the citizens they are providing the service for to design and deliver it. It sits at the top of the ‘participation ladder’, which describes a range of different levels of citizen participation in ascending order. 

Valuing experts by experience

We want to see all organisations in the transport sector, and more widely, undertake true engagement, consultation and co-production with disabled people. We believe that it’s only when the lived experience of disabled people is applied to the design, planning, running and evaluation of services that they will truly offer access for all.  

However, disabled people face barriers to participation. We believe that fairly compensating disabled people for their time, expertise and engagement is the only way to begin to break down these barriers.

Climate justice and access to transport

We fully support the fight for climate justice and the importance of introducing environmental initiatives that promote Active Travel. To do this in a way that provides equitable opportunities for disabled people means engaging with and listening to their perspectives, committing to developing innovative solutions and acknowledging and mitigating against negative impacts. Only then can we move forward with accessible and inclusive solutions that don’t leave Deaf, disabled and older people behind. 

Not-for profit

All income generated from our work is invested in our not-for-profit organisation, providing added social value for our partners.  Our team is made up of disabled trainers and consultants, helping to bridge the disability employment gap and reduce the economic inequalities experienced by disabled people.

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