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Way Ahead

The Way ahead – The future of civil society support in London

With 1.2 million Disabled people in London and an ageing population, it’s vital that the voices of Disabled and older people’s organisations are heard when it comes to the way transport services to run. For many, accessible transport often mean the difference between work and unemployment, and is a vital lifeline to friends and family or isolation.

We are therefore very pleased that City Bridge Trust has decided to fund Transport for All to engage with the Disabled and older people’s organisations in London – empowering them to be part of the decision making around how transport services are planned and run under the banner of ‘nothing about us without us’.

Transport for All is active in City Bridge Trust initiative called ‘The Way Ahead’ which has for vision of supporting civil society so to amplify the voice of the capital’s communities when negotiating with those in power and being a part of decision making processes.

“The Way Ahead” funding will help us to continue organise our Pan London Mobility Forum which is the only user led accessible transport forum of its kind in the UK and has been running for around a decade. It will help us bring together and connects numerous groups of Disabled and older people with each other and senior transport commissioners & decision makers to discuss local and London wide strategic transport accessibility issues.

At a time when the Mayor of London is developing his new Transport strategy, the Bridge fund will ensure that this unique forum is supported to continue to facilitate:

For further information, please contact Raphael (020 7737 2339 – Raphael [at] transportforall [dot] org [dot] uk ).

Find out more about the Way Ahead initiative by clicking here.

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