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TfA on BBC Rip-Off Britain

Added: 27 June 2018 | Updated: 27 June 2018

Transport for All worked with the BBC programme Rip-Off Britain to develop a report on Railway access. The result of this work was aired this morning.

This report gives a very good presentation of the issues faced by Disabled and older people.

In an interview, our Chair Alan Benson says:
“Over the last 20 years on the Railways, there’s been a great deal of improvement; but over the last three or four years, we are seeing things going backwards. We are seeing cuts in staffing. We are seeing removal of trained staff. We are seeing delays in investment that are really impacting negatively on the experience that Disabled people are having.“

TfA members, Chris Stapleton, Doug Paulley and Paula Peter are also sharing the daily barriers they are facing on Railways.

Click here to watch the 3rd episode of Rip-Off Britain (from 21min 45 seconds).

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