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Our General election demands for Accessible Transport

Added: 2 May 2017 | Updated: 2 May 2017

The general election is fast approaching, and with some major changes due in UK politics over the next few years it’s more important than ever to ensure Disabled and older people’s voices are heard.

There are 13 millions Disabled people in the UK, but all too often our views are overlooked. It’s now twenty years since our right to access services was passed into law – but many of us face a daily struggle to even use our local bus service. It’s time all the parties gave the Transport access the priority it deserves.

Since Theresa May’s election announcement last month, Transport for All (TfA) has reached out to all the major parties asking that they sign up to four key transport access pledges and encouraging them to commit to transport access in their manifesto.

1) Restore deferred Access for All funding and commit to continuing the scheme beyond 2019

Only one in five stations in the UK have step-free access. The shameful decision to defer £50m worth of Access for All funding is a major backwards step for access. Progress on rail access was already too slow – we need more rail access funding not less!

2) Enshrine the right to access in law

Transport access is a right, and should be directly protected by law. Uphold the recommendations of the House of Lords Equality Committee and enshrine the right to access in UK law.

3) No more rail staff cuts

Disabled and older people depend on visible, available transport staff for advice and assistance. The Government needs to ensure that when train services are franchised, staffing levels are protected so that disabled and older people can travel with confidence.

4) Strengthen the law around wheelchair priority on buses

Doug Paulley’s legal battle to use his local buses shone a light on how, over twenty years after disabled people chained themselves to buses to win a wheelchair space, disabled people are face daily discrimination on the bus. Wheelchair priority in the wheelchair bay must be protected by law.

Make your voice heard

General elections are a great opportunity to influence the views of candidates in your local community. We need as many Disabled and older people from across London to reach out to ensure our voices are heard.