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Keeping Central London accessible

Added: 20 February 2017 | Updated: 11 April 2019

So far this year there have already been a number of key consultations on transport changes in central London. Transport for All responded to all of them thanks to the feedback from our members.

West End bus cuts

Transports for All has expressed concerns about proposed changes to central and West End bus services.

Earlier this year Transport for London (TfL) published a consultation on a raft of changes to central bus services which would result in a 40% reduction in buses along Oxford Street. The Proposed changes would come into effect over the next few years and would affect over 20 bus routes: 3, 6, 8, 15, 22, 23, 25, 46, 73, 137, 172, 242, 332, 390, 425, 452, C2, N2, N3, N8, N15, N22.

Not every aspect of the proposals was negative, but overall they represent a clear move towards shortened services and pedestrianisation in the Oxford Street area (see below), something that would reduce accessible transport options for many Disabled and Older transport users.

With large sections of the underground network still remaining inaccessible, many Disabled and older transport users rely heavily on the bus network. We all understand the need to tackle congestion in central London – but this cannot be at the expense of Disabled and older transport users’ freedom to travel.

We demand that TfL ensures that any changes to the transport network enhance accessibility rather than reducing it.

Bank junction taxi ban

In December last year the City of London announced plans to ban all cars and lorries from the Bank junction area, including taxi cabs and Private Hire Vehicles. The measures are being introduced to address concerns around safety and air quality in the area.

Taxis will no longer be able travel through the junction, but drop-of points will be provided at each entrance.

The ban will come into effect in April this year while the council consults on a long term solution for the area’s traffic concerns.

Let us know how the Bank junction changes will affect you. Are there any changes you would like to see? Will the proposed changes reduce your freedom to travel? Taxis are a key transport option for many Disabled and older people.

What are your views on a pedestrianised Oxford Street?

Last month we met with TfL to feed into their plans for the possible pedestrianisation of Oxford Street.

During this meeting we raised a few concerns such as:

The plans are still in their early stages, and we will fight to ensure that this already difficult-to-access area doesn’t become a no-go zone for Disabled and older people.

Do you support the proposals? How would it impact on your ability to travel? What improvements would you like to see to the Oxford Street transport network? Have you experienced any problems with public transport on Oxford Street? What mode of transport do you use to travel in the Oxford Street area? Please contact Catherine with your responses: