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Journeys inspire MPs to take action on access

Added: 12 September 2017 | Updated: 12 September 2017

Following the General Elections, Transport for All (TfA) activists have started to take their MPs on “eyr-opening” trip. The objective of those trips is to show them the reality Disabled and older people face every day on transport and to encourage them to take action on access. Vicky Foxcroft was the latest MP who undertook this journey and many more trips are planned in the next weeks.

Vicky Foxcroft MP:

“I will be writing to the Department for Transport to ask that they commit to making more stations accessible to Disabled people”.

On the 24th August, MP for Lewisham and Deptford Vicky Foxcroft travelled with local Disabled and older people from TfA to see the reality of public transport access as part of their #GetYourMPOnBoard campaign. The group took the bus from Tanners Hill to Lewisham station, and then took the train to London Bridge. The trip was the first time that Deptford local Dawna King who is a TfA member had taken the train for many years.

On the trip Dawna highlighted how unclear signage at Lewisham station meant she had to walk uncomfortably long distances to use the lift. Dawna King, who has a mobility impairment, said:

“I can’t walk for long distances, and struggle with stairs and crowded stations. Just twenty percent of railway stations across the UK have the step free access I need. Until today I hadn’t had the confidence to use any of the railway stations in my area.’’

‘’We urgently need the Government to commit to funding more accessible stations, and opening up our railway network to Disabled and older people’’

After the trip, Vicky Foxcroft MP explained that she will take action on accessible transport:

“There is clearly still a long way to go before we have a transport network that works for everyone. After today’s experience I will be writing to the Department for Transport to ask that they commit to making more stations accessible to Disabled people”.

Ruth Cadbury MP

Disabled and older constituents from Brentford and Isleworth also took their local MP, Ruth Cadbury MP, on a journey, on the Tuesday 1st August. The group took the bus from Turnham Green Station and then caught the tube from Hammersmith. George Foster, a local wheelchair user, said:

“One of the biggest issues I have is that there are often other passengers occupying the wheelchair space – unfortunately bus companies don’t take the action needed to ensure I can use the bus like everyone else. I was pleased to be able to explain to Ruth Cadbury MP how barriers like this make it hard for Disabled people to go to work, or enjoy their social lives.”

Mohammed Musan Ali, Trustee at Transport for All, said:

“Today’s trip was a great opportunity for us to show Ruth the sort of barriers we face. Public transport is an essential part of modern life but sadly many Disabled people still can’t even use their local train station.” There are currently 1.2million Disabled people in London. Disabled people make a third fewer trips than non-disabled people. Three quarters of disabled people say they experience barriers to using public transport. Transport for All are calling on MPs to support improving bus accessibility. At the moment, bus drivers must ask buggy users to move if a wheelchair user wants to board by law, but many bus drivers do not bother asking. ‘It was great to have the opportunity to travel with George and Mohammed to see first hand some of the barriers they face. Ruth Cadbury MP told us: “It so important to ensure that we have a transport network that works for everyone”.

Other trips with MPS are planned in the next weeks

As mentioned we are planning to take many more MPS:

Take action – Encourage your MP to take a trip with a Disabled or older person

Please contact Cath if you’re interested in taking your MP ( / 020 7737 2339)! Following the election Transport for All will be writing to MPs across London asking that they take a trip with a Disabled or older person, but they will be much more likely to take part if they’re contacted by a constituent.

Click here to download our How-To-Ressource ‘Get Your Mp On Board’.


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