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Calling for your Taxi experiences

Added: 1 August 2018 | Updated: 1 August 2018

Are you a taxi user?

Transport for All and Inclusion London are currently working together to deliver Disability Equality Training to some of Uber’s Partner Drivers. To feed into this project, we are investigating Disabled people’s use of taxis and Private Hire Vehicles in London and throughout the UK. We’d love to show Uber the real experiences of Disabled riders as part of the training, and the difference a well-informed driver can make!

Recently, there has been some media attention given to poor customer service in the taxi industry; there is a lot of talk of wheelchair users being left at the side of the road, people with support dogs being refused…

Is this your experience? Have you had some great taxi drivers who have offered assistance and given a brilliant service above and beyond? Or have you too been driven past or refused…?

If you could give some advice, what would be your personal “Dos and Don’ts”?

We want to hear your worst and best taxi and Private Hire Vehicle experiences! And we want you to film yourself telling them!

What you need to do:

If you have a webcam or smart phone, please film yourself telling us your taxi experiences and send it to us at You can do this online via, or email it directly from an iPhone using MailDrop!

The film should be:

1) No longer than 2 minutes
2)Tell your best AND worst taxi experience. Start by saying:
  • “My worst taxi experience was….”
  • “My best taxi experience was…”

If you have never filmed a “Vox Pop” before (that’s what this is – it’s the taxi Voice of the People!!), here’s a short film from Jacky with a few technical tips!

If you have issues accessing the video, here are our top tips in short!
  1. Film in landscape mode (phones on their side, please, not upright!)
  2. Face the light
  3. Film at a quiet time (background noise can be distracting)
  4. Build a makeshift stand (boxes or books) and raise the camera to eye height
  5. Film for no longer than 2 minutes, or the file size will be too big to upload!

Please note: Your videos may be used by Transport for All and Inclusion London for marketing, lobbying and training purposes. By submitting a video, you agree to its use.