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Bus Day of Action – What’s your experiences of travelling by bus in London?

Added: 28 June 2017 | Updated: 13 July 2017

On the 10th August, we want to discuss your experiences and how to enforce your rights when travelling on buses. This Bus Day of Action will also be a great occasion to celebrate recent campaign successes with cakes and drinks.

You may remember that back in January, the Supreme Court made it clear that bus drivers must do more to enforce priority for wheelchair and mobility scooter users. TfA members were there to support Doug Paulley’s hard work and dedication throughout this arduous five year battle.

Do you find it easier to travel by bus, six months after the judgement?

This Bus Day comes more or less six months after the Supreme Court ruling. That’s why we would like to hear from you to see if you find that the situation has improved or not? Access is not only about step-free journeys; therefore we want to hear from visually impaired and hard of hearing travellers, Disabled people with an invisible impairment as well as older Londoners.

We will invite all participants to take a few bus trips before the event to test different journeys and feedback during the event, on the issues you faced. We will send more information to all participants a week prior to the event.

You need to register if you would like to come to this event by the 27th July, by clicking here.

Accessibility: When registering please indicate if you have any access or dietary requirement