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Your questions answered by London Overground staff

On Monday 10th March, we met Sam Russell, Stakeholder and Community manager at London Overground. During this meeting we raised issues tweeted by some of our followers.

ANSWER: “After 9pm there is only one staff member who stands at the second exit upstairs by the ticket office. At that time the level access exit is locked, but there is a buzzer you can press to call the staff member. S/he will come to open the gate for you.”

TfA: We think that this is far from ideal and no substitute for a fully staffed station, but we are welcoming this useful answer. We are looking for receiving feedback from Roger on this issue.

ANSWER: “ 40 of the 83 London Overground stations are accessible by lift. There are currently 6 or 7 stations with work being carried out to make them accessible and 3 or 4 should be completed in a few months’ time. All funding for improving station access is through the Government’s Access for All scheme. London Overground has to bid for this funding alongside all other train operators. They submit a list of stations that they want to make accessible and the Government decides where the money goes. Pressure from local campaigning groups can influence this decision.”

TfA: TfA believes that disabled people need to be involved in the design of stations before a single brick is put in place. That way we can hope to avoid cases where ramps are built so steep (See the following tweet from Christiane Link with a picture of the new “accessible” ramp at Walthamstow Queens Road) that even a Paralympian basketball player would have issues getting up it!

We will continue to lobby TfL and London Overground to ensure that more stations on the London Overground network become accessible. Become a member ( Click here ). Together we are stronger.!