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Why I am a Transport for All member – by Terry Murphy

My name is Terry Murphy, I’ve been a member of Transport For All for many years. I spent fifty years working in and for transport. During those years I noticed many problems with wheelchair users and travellers with visual impairment etc.

There were always plenty of staff on stations in the old British Railway (BR) days, but even so, there were still problems. When the railways were privatised many staff left, leaving some stations with no staff.

I’m not a Disabled person, I can get around with no problem. But I say, if I can get around, why not wheelchair users and visually impaired passengers travelling on all kinds of transport? Not just trains, not just buses, not just taxicabs, but all kinds of transport must be made accessible for everyone to go about their business, uninterrupted and without delays. I retired around eleven years ago and have spent most of that time campaigning for better transport for all people.

Speaking of Transport For All, I joined this organisation and found it only has a small work force, but has a big punch in achieving results and I am proud to be a member. I also promote TfA when I am attending other meetings trying to get them new members. It’s only £10 a year, a great cause and good value for money!

Terry Murphy, Bexley

Become a member today.

Examples of barriers faced by disabled and older people. for example, flight of stairs and gaps

Wheelchair and mobility scooter users are routinely refused access to buses and the Tube; Assistance dog users are illegally charged more by some minicab drivers; Dial-A-Ride still won’t go further than five miles.

Let’s change this, so that Disabled and older people can visit family and friends and live their lives without worrying about how to get around.

You can help make real progress by becoming a Transport for All member or donating today.

Picture of a wheelchair user holding a sign saying: don’t deny me my right to travel


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