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TfA member spotlight – Gwynneth Pedler

As part of our member-only printed newsletter, we introduced a new section “TfA member spotlight“. For this first newsletter we asked Gwynneth Pedler, recent winner of TfA Lifetime Achievement Award to inaugurate this section. Please join our community of member, if you would like to receive this newsletter, by clicking here.

“Hi my name is Gwynneth Pedler and I am a member of Transport for All. I have been a campaigner for accessible transport since 2003. Two years ago I moved from Oxford to London and within 10 days I was knocking on the door of 336 saying I wanted to be a member of TFA. And, so with barely a break, my campaigning carried on. Those two years have brought about many improvements and there are more in the pipeline. That is me – always ready for a campaign and love a challenge. I forgot to mention I am 90 years old. My philosophy is “age is an attitude of mind not a lifestyle”. It stood me in good stead so far.

So how can you help? First, it is important for you to tell us about any difficulties you have with transport; this helps us to identify and campaign on spots that need improving. Pick up the phone (020 7737 2339) and tell us about it.

Next, if every member found a new member that would be great. So you have two challenges; are you up for them? I hope so”.

Gwynneth Pedler / @gpscoots