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How Transport for All helped my 4 years old daughter to get her Taxicard

Blog by Wendy. This blog and its content reflect the views of the author only.

Hi, my name is Wendy, and I am a registered blind lady. My daughter is four, and is also visually impaired. I have had a Taxicard for several years now, and find it really helpful (although tend to run out of swipes by the end of January of each year). I was using a lot of my journeys up to attend appointments for my Daughter. As my Daughter is also sight impaired and has difficulties with functional vision, I decided to apply for a Taxicard for her. Although she is not registered as sight impaired (she should be, as she has the same eye condition as me, but unfortunately in the current political climate, the goalposts have changed and the powers that be do not want too many disabled people on their books). We applied, attended an assessment, and were denied the Taxicard. I was very disappointed and turned to Youcef at ‘Transport for All’

Transport for All were a great support and helped me challenge the decision. We asked for a reassessment. We also sent emails asking for assistance from my local MP and other official political figures (some were more forthcoming than others).

On reassessment My Daughter was granted a Taxicard. The initial assessment I felt was like a tick box scenario and there was no room for or incentive to conduct the assessment holistically. My Daughter was not being viewed as an individual with her own unique difficulties. The second assessment interestingly was carried out by a different company. In this assessment I felt that we were being listened to, and that my Daughter’s additional needs were considered.

The Taxicard scheme allows us to travel, especially to unfamiliar places and environments that we would find difficult to get to eg bus or tube. We use the Taxicard a lot for hospital appointments also, as well as for travelling late at night.