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Discover or rediscover cycling with Wheels for Wellbeing

Wheels for Wellbeing is a partner organisation and a member of Transport for All. Over the years, they’ve done incredible work offering cycling opportunities for Disabled people in South London and proving that cycling is for everyone! We’ve asked them to write a blog about their activities.
If you are a member-organisation of Transport for All and would like to write a blog for us, please contact Raphael (raphael[at]tramsportforall[dot]org[dot]uk). This blog and its content reflect the views of the author only.

Wheels for Wellbeing – who are they?

Wheels for Wellbeing (WfW) was created in 2007 with the aim of enabling Disabled people to experience the feelings and benefits of cycling. They are a grassroots disability organisation, running five sessions a week at three inclusive cycling hubs. Using any of their fleet of over 200 cycles (handcycles, tandems, tricycles, recumbents, wheelchair cycles, side-by-sides and bicycles) Disabled people of all ages can discover or rediscover cycling, whilst enjoying its health and wellbeing benefits. Each year around 1,200 Disabled people, aged from 18 months to 99 years-old, cycle at their three hubs – located at Croydon Sports Arena, Herne Hill Velodrome and Ladywell Sports Hall (Lewisham).

Take part in one of WfW’s sessions to discover or rediscover cycling

If you think you can’t cycle, think again – that’s Wheels for Wellbeing’s motto. Many people think they can’t cycle. But generally, that’s because they haven’t had the opportunity to try anything other than a two-wheeled bicycle. There are a range of cycles available to Disabled people, from handcycles to wheelchair tandems, as Wheels for Wellbeing explain on their website.

If you live in south London and are interested in inclusive cycling then why not go along to one of Wheels for Wellbeing’s sessions? For full details, including dates and times, click here. Not a South Londoner? Check out to find sessions across London!

A voice for disabled cyclists

Cycling is an active mode of door-to-door transport and has the power to solve many of the issues Disabled people face with getting around and keeping fit and healthy – but only if it’s fully accessible! That’s why WfW have increasingly become a campaigning organisation.

Born out of the frustration that Disabled people were largely absent from the cycling debate, the charity decided to take action by promoting its ideas for how cycling could be made more inclusive by speaking at a number of important cycling events in 2014. In 2016, they launched their Beyond the Bicycle manifesto at Herne Hill Velodrome, in the company of MPs, local politicians and the media.

Then, as now, their vision has been: “To fight for a world where Disabled people are able to cycle whenever and wherever they wish – whether for transport, leisure or exercise.”

They are proud to have become increasingly recognised as the voice of Disabled cyclists in the UK, and run a number of campaigns aimed at raising awareness of the needs and rights of disabled cyclists, which you can read about here. Last year they also published their Guide to Inclusive Cycling as part of the charity’s 10th birthday celebrations. The Guide, which is free to download here, outlines the basic principles of inclusive cycling and is a useful tool for transport professionals and campaigners – and anyone else interested in learning more about cycling and disability.

Learn more about the organisation:

Find out more about WfW’s campaigns:

  • Read a number of case studies on Disabled cyclists, to learn about their everyday experiences of cycling and get advice on how you can get involved in cycling as a Disabled person
  • Download a range of articles, briefings and resources on everything you need to know about inclusive cycling and campaigning here
  • Subscribe to Wheels for Wellbeing’s regular campaigns e-newsletter and keep up to date with their latest campaigns
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @WfWnews