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Blue Badge

Blue Badge Scheme Information

The Blue Badge scheme is a Europe-wide scheme that entitles disabled people to additional parking rights. You do not have to be a driver or own a car to obtain a Blue Badge.

To obtain a Blue Badge you need to contact your local council or you can apply online. The badge costs £10

Automatic eligibility criteria:

People who may be issued with a badge without further assessment are those who are more than two years old and fall within one or more of the following descriptions:

The eligibility criteria subject to further assessment.

People who may be issued with a badge after further assessment are those who are more than two years old and fall within one or more of the following descriptions:

In addition, children under the age of three may be eligible for a badge if they fall within either or both of the following descriptions:

If you used to receive The Higher Rate mobility component of DLA but you did not get 8 points or more on mobility component of PIP, or you were deemed not eligible for PIP – you can still continue to use your Blue Badge until it expires. If you did not get 8 points or more on mobility component of PIP or you were deemed not eligible for PIP after the expiry date, you can apply for a Blue Badge to your local council to see if you meet any of the none automatic eligibility criteria. If your council decided that you do not meet the criteria then there is no formal right to appeal their decision. However you can ask them to reconsider the decision if you think they have not assessed your needs correctly.

If you are deemed eligible for any other form of travel benefit, such as the Freedom Pass for example, this is not relevant to your eligibility for a Blue Badge. Similarly, your council cannot refuse you one benefit on the grounds that you use another. The Blue Badge is issued under completely separate legislation, and councils don’t have any discretionary powers to change the criteria.

Using the scheme

In London, you can park free on Blue Badge parking bays. However, some of the bays have a maximum stay period at certain times. Make sure you abide by the maximum stay period, display the clock or you may get fined.

The majority of the 33 London Borough allow you to park free and with no time limit on Pay & Display and Resident Bay. We strongly advise you to check before you park by calling us on 02073372339 or buy looking at The 3rd Edition on the Blue Badge Parking Guide for London.

Some councils also allow you to park for free on single & double yellow lines (3 hours maximum), except where un/loading restrictions apply. However, some councils such as Westminster, City of London, Kensington & Chelsea, and south of Camden do not permit you to park on single or double yellow lines.

To find out more about where you can/cannot use your Blue Badge, we advise you to buy The 3rd Edition on the Blue Badge Parking Guide for London or visit your local council’s website for more information.

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Important note:

In central London Blue Badge parking is extremely restricted. You may park in a Blue Badge bay for three hours only in City of London, and four hours in Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea. When parking in a pay and display bay in Westminster, City of London, Kensington & Chelsea and Camden (Green Badge Area) you get free one hour on top of the time you pay for.

Blue Bay parking concessions do vary across London; please check restrictions displayed on signs, pay & display machines and street markings, or with the local council if you are unsure. The website shows the location of Blue Badge bays and their timings and restrictions in London as well as other UK cities.

The Blue Badge Parking Guide for London contains details of the restrictions in all areas of London and includes a map showing Blue Badge bays. You should be sent a copy of this book when you receive your Blue Badge. For a replacement book, please contact your council’s Blue Badge department. Purchase the Guide online.

You can put the badge in the window of any car, as long as you are also in the vehicle yourself.

Blue Badge holders are also exempt from the Congestion Charge. It costs £10 to register for exemption and you can have two cars registered at any one time. To register for the exemption print this form or call Transport for All on 020 7737 2339 and we will send you one.
You can change the car that is registered; if a friend is giving you a lift, notify TfL by calling 0343 222 2222

Having a Blue Badge will not entitle you to park in places where there is no loading, in a bus or cycle lane, where there are double white lines down the middle of the road, on a clearway or red route, or in many other places.

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