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Pedestrian crossings under threat

Added: 5 January 2012 | Updated: 9 January 2012

Transport for London (TfL) is currently carrying out a programme of pedestrian crossing removal, under the Mayor’s commitment to ‘smoothing traffic flow’. So far, 6 crossings have been removed and TfL is consulting on proposals to remove 58 more, as well as many traffic light junctions.

Some crossings, including one at Blackfriars Bridge, have already been removed, leaving pedestrians vulnerable to traffic. In addition, the Mayor has shortened pedestrian crossing times at a number of crossings across London, forcing pedestrians to hurry across. This is despite evidence that older people’s safety is compromised by inadequate crossing times.

The removal of crossings undermines disabled people’s independence and safety. When crossings are removed, it disproportionately endangers older people, disabled people and children, but puts all pedestrians and at increased risk. Many Londoners, notably blind and visually impaired people who cannot see traffic coming, cannot cross the road at all except where there is a pedestrian crossing.

Pedestrian crossings enable everyone, especially disabled people, older people, cyclists, and children, to cross the road safely. Without adequate crossings, London’s streets become more frightening and dangerous to use.

Transport for All call on the Mayor to halt this dangerous programme of crossing removal until local disabled people have been fully consulted and the risks and inconvenience to all pedestrians have been fully investigated.

  1. King William Street by Arthur Street, City of London (
  2. Grosvenor Road by Aylesford Street, City of Westminster (
  3. Grosvenor Road by St George’s Square, City of Westminster (
  4. Purley Way by Waddon Park Avenue, Croydon (

Please also consider writing to your Assembly Member to ask them to raise this issue with the Mayor. You can find out who your Assembly member is at